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The premiere of a music video directed by Allyssa.

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transnationalism/identity formation

““I am doomed to an eternity of compulsive work. No set goal achieved satisfies. Success only breeds a new goal. The golden apple devoured has seeds. It is endless.” —Bette Davis, The Lonely Life (1962)”

Weekend Words: Apple

“For lunch, the Alt-Bro eats cheese and baguettes because Europe is better. The Alt-Bro endorses collective politics so long as he gets to lead. The Alt-Bro bikes everywhere without a helmet and keeps his bike chain looped to his belt and never signals. “I know I look like I’m completely out of control when I’m biking,” he tells people, “but I’m actually completely in control.” The Alt-Bro doesn’t shit talk. The Alt-Bro “discusses what people are like.””

A Portrait of the Alt-Bro as a Young Dumbass - The Awl

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The BIG Maze - National Building Museum rcruzniemiec aka archatlas

The last day but I made it!

The Museum, in partnership with BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, will create a never-before-seen large-scale maze for the Museum’s historic home. Soaring approximately 18 feet high and measuring 60 feet by 60 feet, the maple plywood structure will boast a series of twists and turns for visitors to weave through and explore." [via]

How did I not know about this until today? I did jack shit today and it’s only an hour away!

“Lorde says self-care is not self-indulgence but self-preservation. Some have to look after themselves because their are not looked after: their being is not cared for, supported, protected. I have in my own work been thinking of social privilege as a support system: compulsory heterosexuality, for instance, is an elaborate support system. It is how some relationships are nurtured and valued, becoming a means of organising not just one’s own time, but a way of sharing time and significance: how a we has something; how a we loses something. How you lose as well as what you lose can even become a confirmation of the worth of what you had.”

Selfcare as Warfare | feministkilljoys

Selfcare as Warfare | feministkilljoys→

Fast-Food Workers Challenge Stereotypes, Globalize Question of Fairness→

“n the postindustrial era, work and leisure grow increasingly indistinguishable: We are all shop girls now. From this “feminization of the world,” Tiqqun writes, “one can only expect the cunning promotion of all manner of servitudes.””

Further Materials Toward a Theory of the Man-Child – The New Inquiry

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