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Found this while researching digital storytelling today…at first I didn’t think it could be the same Pete’s Grill, but here it is

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“When I was little I thought all adults had this innate sense of decency and self-possession that I’d somehow grow into, but now I feel like they really don’t. We’re all kids in bigger bodies who now like spicy food and dress up and go to work.”

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This exists? Awesome.

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“CO: Why is it so great to be able to walk from one art space to another??
KH: Its just really exciting to see so much art, so many people interested in it, and so many spaces motivated to supporting it all at once. Walking from space to space, seeing different people, new work everywhere, allows for a much broader perspective on our community in general – not only considering one piece or one space, but it allows us to be able to consider how we all exist together and the power that we can hold as a community.”

ALLOVERSTREET, The Newest Art Crawl in Station North ‹ bmoreart | Baltimore’s Contemporary Art Authority