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320 kbps: A guide to Bubblegum Bass / PC Music! - Rate Your Music→

Pink and Blue by Hannah Diamond
PC Music

Japanese Bookbinding: Instructions From A Master Craftsman: Kojiro Ikegami: 9780834801967: Books→

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(via Eloise: An Update : The New Yorker)

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(via An Illustrated History of All the Ways Urban Environments Can Control Us - Sarah Goodyear - The Atlantic Cities)

Pete’s Grill - a digital story by Kyle Little (by CenterOfTheStory)

Found this while researching digital storytelling today…at first I didn’t think it could be the same Pete’s Grill, but here it is

Public Housing And The J. Van Story Branch Building :: The Marc Steiner Show→

“When I was little I thought all adults had this innate sense of decency and self-possession that I’d somehow grow into, but now I feel like they really don’t. We’re all kids in bigger bodies who now like spicy food and dress up and go to work.”

Reminder: Adam in Girls Is a Sleaze - The “Girls” Roundtable - The Atlantic

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This exists? Awesome.